Best Android Apps – September 2019!

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Best Android Apps – September 2019!

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≧◉◡◉≦ ▏ App Section ▏≧◔◡◔≦
Pixel 4 Wallpaper

Pixel 4 Updated Wallpapers



2. Blocksite

3. Twobird

4. Synergy

Night Mode Enabler

5. Cameraless

6. Custom Search Bar Widget

(ᕗ ಠ益ರೃ)ᕗ ┬━┬ ▏ Game Section ▏ヽ(`▭´)ノ ┻━┻
1. Rope Rescue

2. Mr Spy

3. Last Arrows

4. Walk Master
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50 thoughts

50 thoughts

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  1. Do you have app that can find and delete old file from older app that had been deleted ?? Like to clean my phone from unused trash app

  2. The hycon said:

    How did you got pixel launcher suggestions in app drawer in Samsung ??

  3. Sir ….how you shoot your video's? Make video on it

  4. Wallpix is nice for the note 10 plus, but kinda expensive considering it doesn't have that many wp's. Most of them are cheesy. Zedge is still king by far.

  5. Wolverine giving us app advice… thanks mahn…

  6. SheetZa said:

    Wow that VMos app is brilliant. Gotta try it.

  7. is there any other app like synergy for OnePlus 5????? please…it looks amazing

  8. vmos consumes a lot of battery

  9. VMOS has some not so great permissions. No thanks on that one.

  10. Sinergy Is definitely my favorite app on this list, I've already known about It but the platform is definitely not widely supported yet so thank you for getting more people to use it so I can use more themes in the future!

  11. I was using dark mode of Instagram from hex installer but I accidentally updated it…. Can you help me which insta version are you using so I can use it in dark mode again

  12. mike sara said:

    Thank you your video. I like Cameraless app but I think this list should have movies app like TeaTV, Line TV or Netflix for everyone.

  13. VMOS although great concept, has privacy concerns. Check the thread for VMOS on xda, developer is dodging all security questions. Sad to see developer responding to all questions other than security. Also app is free and has no monetization options, and he is mentioning team of developers are working on next version which makes you think from where the money is flowing

  14. archnof0 said:

    Vm os sounded cool but it gets a lot of bad reviews in playstore

  15. zorrilnz said:

    Zee anal blog .eu …. Got it!

  16. How to add Digital Wellbeing on OnePlus devices

  17. al anish said:

    Wallpix Pro is awesome thanks for the recommendation 🤞 ♥

  18. Man where is night sights enabler review?

  19. Holy Shhhhh. AOSP VM. Deemnnnn. That's gooood. Need Oreo atleast. Great Video man
    Edits: 10:05 Mr Gun huh. Based on that, fosure. Totally

  20. rohan oza said:

    all apps are so good …thanks

  21. Nice one bro . As always you keep improving and thanks for sharing ..

  22. rkavan said:


  23. You always have the best apps! Actually useful stuff like the virtual machine one, I had no idea you could do that!

  24. What icon pack are you using?

  25. What icon pack are you using? I've seen it before and it looks really good

  26. Adrian said:

    ANOTHER wallpaper app? Backdrops is unbeatable

  27. We are in the middle of September, not at the end. But appreciate it anyways.

  28. Jit said:

    All good, except Twitter does let us log in to multiple accounts on the regular app (limited to 5 on the lite and web app).

  29. PhilK said:

    Very nice apps man, I've been a long time follower for a while and you never ceases to amaze me with your videos and cool apps!

  30. nico. said:

    Twitter does support multiple accounts…

  31. chrdryl said:

    What launcher are you using to add the search bar at the bottom?

  32. Do you have any idea why your hyperlinks are dead?

  33. Hunter said:

    subscription feed:

    best Android apps September

  34. Great to see Customer Search Bar Widget. I've been using it for years, it's excellent and rarely reviewed. Also I've found Hex to be far better than Synergy.

  35. Kevin R said:

    9:40 Just put on airplane mode

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