Assault Android Cactus+ – Pre-Purchase Trailer – Nintendo Switch

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Assault Android Cactus+ – Pre-Purchase Trailer – Nintendo Switch

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Assault Android Cactus is on a mission to save the ship from its own rampaging robot workers! Play on the go or settle in for up to four player couch co-op in an intense twin stick shooter. Including the new Campaign+ mode for Nintendo Switch!

#NintendoSwitch #AssaultAndriodCactus

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48 thoughts

48 thoughts

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  1. Rettro said:


  2. I basically came here just to comment on how much I dislike the character designs but honestly the gameplay looks really good. I wonder if you can just skip through the cutscenes…

  3. I loved this game on xbox! Great to see it re-released!

  4. giovoid said:

    the title looks likes someone looking around objects to makeup a name!! lol "Running House Cloud" another great game

  5. Pixel said:

    I seriously wanted a Switch version of this amazing game. It's like they read my mind.

  6. I Play This Game before on Xbox one

  7. kmden Rt said:

    They should do a smash TV remake with these types of graphics?

  8. Your friendly reminder that Witch Beam has yet to make a game with a witch in it.
    They have a lot of beams though…

  9. Excellent game, definitely a must buy, especially with friends! Now if we could just get Helldivers over in the Switch, my stick shooter needs would be met.

  10. Available now on Steam

  11. What games would be best to look for games like this type of shooter?

  12. Why isn’t soul knight on switch?

  13. Jaou D said:

    Am I the only one that thinks about Bubblegum Crisis when it comes to this game

  14. Jade[d] said:

    Oh wait I loved this gameeeeeee

  15. only going to get this game if there's a dlc to turn all the characters into cacti.

  16. Seriously, without Nintendo, I would have never known of gem like this, even though it's been on steam since 2015. Go Witch Beam!

  17. Wonder if there are any new characters

  18. I play this on xbox, it's fun and addictive

  19. TekaiGuy said:

    Still waiting on Witchbeam's next game 🙂

  20. Ray Khan said:

    So smash tv but 4 people

  21. These characters are horrifying

  22. Super smah t.v. but with chicks. Who remembers that game?!

  23. I have it on x box. I think it’s ok

  24. I've never played this game, but I'm going to listen to my intuition, and put it on my wish list. (Only games that I plan to buy go on my wish list.)

  25. This game rocks! So glad its on switch now. Hope to see it physical one day.

  26. Tanerion said:

    Highly recommend this. Got it on PS4 and PC and already preordered the Switch version.

  27. I really don't know why this relates to cactuses.

  28. is this like a western version of Touho?

  29. Times said:

    I really hate the big head art style, but the gameplay looks fun and that's what's important.

  30. aguy654 said:

    I see the graphics whores are out in hypocritical force today.

  31. This is the Spice Girls reunion people were talking about?

  32. Unless this game is Easy I dont think its gonna play well on a switch, but Hey wumbo plays tetris with the joycon so they are not that bad

  33. This is the dumbest name for a game I've ever heard

  34. Thank you GMTK for introducing me to this 😀

  35. Joey Bu said:

    Assault Android Cactus > Jump Force

  36. Joey Bu said:

    I need it!

  37. Ad Dee said:

    Great. Thank you very much. But can we please get a rated M game for once. April is a long time to wait for MK11

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