ANOTHER EDEN Gameplay: Breathtaking RPG Game for Android & iOS

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ANOTHER EDEN Gameplay: Breathtaking RPG Game for Android & iOS

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Another Eden game is a must-have RPG that just released recently in 2019! The beauty of the game and graphics is amazing and it just feels very good to play this breathtaking game!

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When I first launched Another Eden, I was stuck at the loading screen and I almost have given up playing it. I tried a VPN, tried restarted the game and luckily – it worked! If you have this issue, do not give up, because the game is really good.

The game starts with amazing music and it is just delightful listening to it. Once I got in the game, the story starts. As typical to Japanese style RPG, the story starts very slow, but it expands into a large universe full of quests, side tasks and missions to accomplish.

16 years later, you become a town patrol guard and you start running the errands. Since it is grandpa birthday, you want a blacksmith to craft new walking stick for him, but to do it, you go gather some solid wood and end up in the mysterious cave full of goblins.

The fight mechanics are fun and enables party system. It is more of a strategy than tapping and smashing screen, which is welcomed here.

For the graphic, it is beautiful and perfect. It feels vivid and happy. Just for exploring the world I want to play the game.

My final score is 8+/10. I love the graphic, the music, and the story and environment, but I would add additional loops and change the inventory system to visually see what I carry.

The game is free to play and available on iOS and Android.

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******* DESCRIPTION *******


A must-have breathtaking RPG with strategy elements! A game that is rich in content and includes an amazing number of 60 songs composed for the game!


・An unprecedented amount of content in the smartphone game world.
・Single Player Large Scale RPG.
・From master story writer Masato Kato, an epic story crossing the Antiquity, Present, and Future.
・Includes over 60 songs composed with orchestras and folk music, with the main theme written by Mitsuda Yasunori.

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