Anna Soubry: Change UK doing 'remarkably well' despite polls

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Anna Soubry: Change UK doing 'remarkably well' despite polls


Change UK’s Anna Soubry says the party offers the change voters want, despite its low showing in the polls nationally.

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33 thoughts

33 thoughts

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  1. Soubry really is quite delusional.

  2. When I was at Private school , I didn’t have any friends , except a German pen-friend, and a lovely Belgian nanny and a French au pair .
    Later , I got a loft-conversion, completed by Polish builders that a bunch of English cowboys failed to do .
    Later still my Italian accountant, helped me fiddle my MP’s expenses .
    Because Britain let me down , I felt more kinship with Europe, and this kindly old man from Hungary ( Mr Soros) promised to look after me , after I retire from politics

  3. Ken Byng said:

    Send out a search party. Soubry has lost her marbles!! She has an excuse for every naff outcome. Never allow an angry person to become a politician, as they have absolutely no ability to compromise. This woman has anger in her eyes!

  4. 3% support base. Jokesville.

  5. iancoley said:

    surely the most loathsome MP?
    A traitor who cannot accept democracy, she thinks she knows better than majority of voters…. sickening arrogance.
    Thankfully her group of traitors has died… yet we still have to pay for this woman to be a MP?
    She is a disgrace to the Midlands … she will never be elected again… now she speaks as if she her "party" is the way forward… 3 weeks later they have split….

    who does she think she is ?
    Her Party did not want her, her NEW party is dead, her constituents do not want her….

    BELIEVE ME — The midlands does not want her – she was a pathetic "journalist" on local TV news … why does sky even bother interviewing such a failure ?

  6. Now leader of absolutely nothing, At the next GE she will be working as a checkout lady in Aldi.

  7. She's exactly like Nigel Farage — dodging questions, vacuous words — only difference is that she's on the other side of the political debate.

  8. Ha ha. What a total and utter loser and just what she deserves. Soon she'll be leading a party of 1. Just her and her vile ego.

  9. The most ironic thing is if her party would change nothing, the most deluded woman in the uk

  10. Two weeks on, and Change UK lost half its MPs. A new definition of ‘remarkably well.’

  11. Soubry putting her career first more like..

  12. mc 007 said:

    I wonder witch way down the plug hole they will go from left to right or right to left?, Now soubry is the new leader of 5 people and she will determine the party's direction i just hope they put a good dose of bleach down afterwards .

  13. Oh, and so many self important and delusional politicians setting sail on a boat of their own importance. Seeing it sink was classic.

  14. Well they've certainly brought about change. Down from 11 to 5 MPs, a reduction of over 50%. You'd have to have a heart of stone not to laugh.

  15. Well…. unless the bbc allow politicians on from extremely obscure political parties.

  16. It's only been 2 weeks, yet this has aged worse than Keith Richards

  17. Sj Joe said:

    Now she is running the 'Party'. The joke that never stops ranting.

  18. MrRRHHMM said:

    she's as Dillusional, as Mrs May…. Vote BREXIT Party at the GE….. DRAIN THE SWAMP…..

  19. brybish said:

    Big respect to the poor interviewer she kept a straight face this woman is delusional.

  20. Just two weeks later and 6 of 11 MPs leave, still doing remarkably well considering…

  21. hey Sophy, why has Anna gone into hiding after the elections ?

  22. This traitor is complaining about half the things she’s responsible for.

  23. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha LOl Captain Pugwash crew would do better.. or Noddy LOL

  24. thank God neither her or Heidi et al got near power in this country complete flakes the lot of them …….

  25. running out of sinking ships to jump to she lie every time she opens her mouth the Soubry self appreciating change elegance party

  26. The most unlikeable politician in uk politics

  27. Obviously smokes crack

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