Android Zero Day Actively Exploited In the Wild! – ThreatWire

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Android Zero Day Actively Exploited In the Wild! – ThreatWire

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Governments want Facebook to delay further encryption, Signal fixes a snooping exploit, and An Android Zero Day is being used in the wild! All that coming up now on ThreatWire.
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U.S., UK, Australia to ask Facebook to delay message encryption

AG Barr, Officials to Facebook: Don’t Encrypt Messaging

Google Warns of Android Zero-Day Bug Under Active Attack

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27 thoughts

27 thoughts

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  1. kassan said:

    Oo texas cyber summit in sa why haven't i heard of that *looks at ticket price * I'll just stay home and watch threat wire

  2. o k said:

    Sweet! Maybe we can get temp root without unlocking our bootloaders!

  3. Facebook comming with end-2-end enc is just hilarious.. they just pressed "share" on their PGP XD

  4. Why do people pronounce the 'X' in Xiaomi as a 'Z' like it's Greek? It's closer to a 'Sh'.

  5. Welp, I know how I am rooting my phone now.

  6. Your are awesome! Don't forget that when winter is coming. Thaaaaanx

  7. Gee Kay said:

    There are lot of zero days actually, but you have to pay like litterally millions to get one.. a know zero day is no more zero day ahaha! And beautiful FB… getting 3 apps data in 1 single time, if you see whatsapp and you are using it, your'e sharing tons of data actually, good game (1@ . Time to get back to pigeons with manually encrypted messages 😂😂😂

  8. Today is my birthday 😔😔 can i have a heart from the heart please?? 🙄🙄

  9. Super disorganized and yada yada,but; first story: !='when $facebook -eq messenger ';roflololol @backdoors.

  10. If the government is concerned about children then start with discouraging single parent homes. Then secure the borders. Human trafficking thrives on open borders. Instead our government would rather be an authoritarian regime violating our rights.

  11. So much for "being secure in our papers(communications)"

  12. I would like to marry u

  13. Why the govs always try "think of the children" narrative. First of all Facebook is not place for children. Second existing of criminals does not mean the state has the right to snoop what you are doing in private. That's against the idea of due process. such act implies that we are all criminals by default.

  14. Reading the first time I thought Netflix dropped a trailer for some zombie movie 😂😂😂😂

  15. Full encryption for Facebook ? Hahaha never going to happen government need it for "data analysis" .. basically spying on everyone that uses it ..but that's not exactly a secret really ..goes without saying you think policy has changed since Snowdon report ? ..hahhah …nope .. obviously NOT

  16. "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

  17. F*ck those letter-writers. Protect your assets, Facebook.

  18. Mr Kozhe said:

    any idea how the zero day is executed?

  19. Love zero days by the way bluekeep exploit have been released

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