Android Shopping Cart System – Calculate Total Price – Shop Application Android Studio Tutorials

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Android Shopping Cart System – Calculate Total Price – Shop Application Android Studio Tutorials

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In this video tutorial#26 we will create the Confirm Final Order Activity and also we will calculate overall total price of items on android cart activity for our android ecommerce app like amazon and Ali express.

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35 thoughts

35 thoughts

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  1. is this code on Github? it''ll be really easy to follow if code can be accessed too.

  2. Thanks Ali..great tutor.. I'm ready to move to part 27 …

  3. Can someone help me?

    Process: com.bigboute.zamurraibetta, PID: 6406

    java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "35000"

    at java.lang.Integer.parseInt(

    at java.lang.Integer.valueOf(

    at com.bigboute.zamurraibetta.CartActivity$2.onBindViewHolder(

    at com.bigboute.zamurraibetta.CartActivity$2.onBindViewHolder(

  4. Bu Cayan said:

    if u want to display the price before just put txtTotalAmount.setText("Total Price = $ " + String.valueOf(overTotalPrice)); inside onBindViewHolder under

    int oneTypeProductTPrice = ((Integer.valueOf(model.getPrice()))) * Integer.valueOf(model.getQuantity());

    overTotalPrice = overTotalPrice + oneTypeProductTPrice;

    like this:

    int oneTypeProductTPrice = ((Integer.valueOf(model.getPrice()))) * Integer.valueOf(model.getQuantity());

    overTotalPrice = overTotalPrice + oneTypeProductTPrice;

    txtTotalAmount.setText("Total Price = SAR " + String.valueOf(overTotalPrice));

  5. adi 003 said:

    app is frequently crashing if there is more than 1 product in the cart activity.. please help

  6. When I clicks on cart icon app crashes shows error " java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "Rs. 800"

  7. thanku verry much for such a brilliant tutorial…but plz upload the source code after 19 tutorials .thanks

  8. do u have a video to make add to cart with displays the total purchase before to make calculate total price??

  9. Hi, could you add a thousand separator when displaying price, i mean how to add it ?

  10. 12:09 int eachProductTotalPrice = ((Integer.valueOf(model.getPrice()))) * Integer.valueOf(model.getQuantity()); why my app crash for this line of code??? Can anyone explain

  11. if you want to show price before write price code outside nextButtonClickLisner and also include
    protected void onStop() {
    overAllPriceOfProducts = 0;

    Without this code. When you minimize the program and open again the price will become double.

  12. if the app crash when you tap on the cart button in the CartActivity make sure the NextProcessBtn variable has the correct id, that is NextProcessBtn = (Button) findViewById(;

  13. when i click on cart button app will crash please sir help me out before total amount tutorial its work fine but now my is crashing

  14. Thank you rorjana Dera manana

  15. Can you make tutorials about searching in android please

  16. Thanks for the tutorial sir, when will the next part be uploaded?

  17. how calculate when i making a application for shopping fruit and vegetable

  18. Sir could you tell us how to add the admin part.. And how to upload this app on google play store..
    It will help us alot.
    Again your content is great man. Reallly great..

  19. Great great work..
    Hats off man.

  20. Thank you Sir and please update the code in drive….we are getting error…

  21. Thank q bro and how many video's is there to complete entire app……

  22. Sir Your Tutorials are really Amazing. Lot of learned Android Development from your tutorials. Sir Could you please upload wishlist option (Add / Remove Favourite). Thanks in Advance.

  23. Vampi said:

    hellor sir make it possible to pay for a product please, thank for the videos

  24. Very easy design sir we really appreciate your efforts thnk you so much.
    plz help me after clicking on next btn its not showing total price

  25. SNDP said:

    Sir when I click on cart app is crashed help me with it

  26. Thank you sir,for ur app,shall we get source code sir…

  27. Peter said:

    The only issue to me in the fact that you need to click on the "Next" Button to have the overall price displayed.
    The overall price should be displayed automatically when the cart is displayed.

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