Adventure Journey (Pokemon) (Android APK) – MMORPG Gameplay

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Adventure Journey (Pokemon) (Android APK) – MMORPG Gameplay

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Adventure Journey Android MMORPG Gameplay & APK

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Categories : Role Playing
Play Style : MMORPG, Collective RPG
Battle : Turn-Based
Themes : Poekmon, Monster
VIP : Yes
Size : 530 MB
Battle Control : Auto, Manual
Sweep : n/a
Continuous : n/a
Energy/Keys : Recovery n/a
Map : Open World
Game System : Auto Path
Game Features : Mount
Graphic : 2D
Graphic quality : none
Languages : English
Internet : Online
Gameplay on : Xiaomi Black Shark 2
Gameplay Graphic quality : none
Android Rating : n/a
Offered By : LKGames

Download : Android APK

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17 thoughts

17 thoughts

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  1. The graphics its like a nintendo hehe i hope more improve soon 😉😉😉😉

  2. Jeger said:

    Is this app safe?

  3. Jeger said:

    Do you know whos a developer? I cant find any informations about it

  4. Im ready to invest my time n my hard earned cash maybe? But im still not sure if this game have any license or something like that from nintendo/gamefreak..if there is a pokemon game for mobile, this is the best of all for pokemon lover out there especially those from gameboy/nds/3ds consoles not to mention emulator users

  5. Where's the obb?
    Simply download the apk, install then automatically download obb?

  6. Plus it's in the play store u DNT need apk

  7. Which starter do u recommend to get

  8. Cant play for long time take to much to refill the energy

  9. Zeon Eons said:

    Very cool, finally a proper pokemon game.

  10. I put In the password then nothing happens

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