4 Photo Editing Apps Photographers NEED To use!

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4 Photo Editing Apps Photographers NEED To use!

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In this video I will show you my favourite photo editing apps and why I believe all photographers need to use them! If I don’t edit my photos on my laptop then most of my photography gets edited on my phone in these apps almost daily.

These are the photo editing apps I will show you in this video:
1. Adobe Lightroom Mobile
2. Lens Distortions
4. Afterlight

Lightroom mobile is my absolute favourite and go to so that’s why I show you it first. The user interface is quick and easy to use and because I’ve been using the desktop version to edit my photos for so long the mobile version is easy to pick up.

Lens Distortions is a great editing app for adding overlays and light leaks. If you want to create a fake sunset… boom, Lens Distortions is your app. If you need rain, snow or eclipse overlays as well then this app has your back.

VSCO is another really popular photo editing app. It’s so easy to use and provides some brilliant presets and filters ready to use from the go. I recommend using the tab, ‘for this photo’ to give you helping hand adding a filter that best suits your photo. VSCO also gives you some cool film photography and vintage looks if that is something you’re going for.

Finally I wanted to mention Afterlight. This lets you make all the adjustments and effects like lightroom does plus more! Unfortunately this app isn’t free but in my opinion it’s worth the purchase. You can edit some trippy effects on here including dust, scratches, colour shift and chroma. I will explain all in this video.

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