2019 Top 10 latest android apps without ROOT for free!

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2019 Top 10 latest android apps without ROOT for free!


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• Navigation Gestures – https://bit.ly/2EUmjnT
• Dynamic Rotation Control – https://bit.ly/2Amd6R0
• MacroDroid – https://bit.ly/2s16nHJ
• Material Notification Shade – https://bit.ly/2Qc51Dy
• Torchie – https://bit.ly/2CEWAxk
• Camera Nx – https://bit.ly/2rZ0I5b
• Lockdown – https://bit.ly/2BNzd2T
• Fingerprint gestures – https://bit.ly/2Alv0Ug
• Navbar animation- https://bit.ly/2LHD5a2
• Button Mapper – http://dapalan.com/43DB

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