😮 MINECRAFT EARTH BETA APK DOWNLOAD 🔥 How To Get Minecraft Earth EARLY (Android & iOS)

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😮 MINECRAFT EARTH BETA APK DOWNLOAD 🔥 How To Get Minecraft Earth EARLY (Android & iOS)

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Hi guys! I have great news! I have found a working method how to get minecraft earth early on Android and iOS. This method is amazing because in just 5 minutes you can avoid waiting for Minecraft earth beta invite. In this video I will show you how everyone of you can learn how to get Minecraft Earth beta apk download. All you need to is just to push one button and that’s it. Be quick and download Minecraft earth apk on Android and iOS while this method works. Good luck!


After five days with the game’s closed beta (which launched seconds ago as a closed, invite-only beta in the Seattle area), I must report that the game’s early version is missing the series’ magic— you will be able to see it after watching this video. If you live in Seattle or London and you’ve signed up for the closed beta, go check your email because there’s a decent chance you’ve been invited. But if you are not, you came to the right place and you will learn how to download Minecraft Earth Early.

The problem with official Minecraft invites is that it has a catch. It’s only available to a slice-of-a-slice of the world, at first. After opening up a registration system for its closed beta just a few days ago, the company says that it sent out the first batch of beta invites this afternoon, but why to wait when now you can find Minecraft earth beta apk download.

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45 thoughts

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  1. Good luck! If you need any help – let me know in the comments!

  2. Cem said:


  3. your boi said:

    Ill just wait for minecraft earth to be released public.

  4. I can’t seem to find the web page can somebody help me?

  5. Keith78 said:

    Thanks!!! This Works!

  6. Holy shit, i just tried it and it worked, thank you so much bro, love ya!!

  7. I had my doubts but I just got it!

  8. man, give me your paypal email, I will donate you some bucks. thanks!!

  9. Great video! thank you for the minecraft earth, it really works!

  10. do it for other stuff aswell man?

  11. can you do more games man? this is amazing!

  12. At the first attempt I did something wrong and it did not work. Then I followed your instructions step by step and now it works perfectly. Thanks!

  13. the app took a while but it worked guys

  14. Damn , dude ! It is the only video that finally worked for me !

  15. greetings from spain, MC earth installed on ios 😀

  16. omg it FINALLY worked!!! i am so happy!

  17. minecraft runs real smooth on galaxy s10 😀 screw mojang 😀 thanks!

  18. ok u got another subscriber 😀

  19. If you get "App not installed" error then uninstall your old minecraft earth app and then install this. Problem solved!

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