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42 thoughts

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  1. It's saying google play services app not installed. Doesn't do anything when I press rewind button Help please

  2. Gr8 vids Thx! Is there a good app or apk or addon for Replay of Sports? Thx 4 nfo 👍

  3. Derek C said:

    Thanks for this, I thought we had lost Navixsport for good. Relieved to have it back as this new app. Thanks again,from England, keep up the good work.

  4. The app is useless with all the ads I cannot use it.

  5. radish said:

    🙂Hey it's fine I thought I had overdone it That's all My mistake Hey New online tv Really great Anyway I know it's fine to send you some support Don't worry if you miss the comments I know your busy Keeping us happy speak soon Keep up the amazing work your the best👍👍

  6. Thanks for the upload, great video and great delivery.

  7. K man i tried it it works great i love it thanks so much for the modded app buddy i really appreciate it keep up the great work

  8. What about iPhone users it’s not on the app store

  9. Wow the best store for apps by far! Just subbed looking forward to more videos and apps thanks!

  10. Also läuft da auch Bundesliga 1.und 2 .so wie 3 oder läuft das nicht oder auch andere kanäle action usw

  11. bro can you give a link for Android.

  12. I have an unrelated question for you.
    We’re watch a movie, playing with subtitles and after awhile the movie freezes! Does having subtitles weigh down the streaming? If I purchase Real Debrid would that solve this problem?
    And where can I buy it?

  13. Help, I get the google error message press rewind on the fire stick remote and nothing. Help please. I had to double click it’s working now thx


  15. Thanks for this STN .Great app. Looks that works great. I've tried to install also from your site the Itvhub to my firestick but not installed. Any help please.

  16. Can't we get private desktop link as we used to get in navixsport ?

  17. Thanks for suggestion. Navixsports sorely missed and other apps -Livenet, Livelounge either do not open or buffer badly. Soccer available on Mobdro but quality modest. I have downloaded Live Sport from yourFilelinked store but by scrolling down you first encounter Live Sports Streaming 1.2. This app is for American Sports only. Scrolling further gets you to Live Sport 1.1 which downloaded easily and lists UK soccer that I will test when the matches screen later today. One other minor issue – the apk loads in my system apps on my Shield rather than in the main App folder which makes it tricky to access. TVApp Repo. Is needed to generate an icon in the standard App Store which can then be uploaded to the favourites bar on the Shield.

  18. Is the 4k firestock promo in your fl store no longer valid?

  19. Lin B said:

    This cannot be the new NaviXSports App

  20. My man do you know from a good apk for latino live tv?? And how to get it thanks!!

  21. Looking for access to the Amazon channel Stingray Qello, any info?

  22. Great vide on more great option to have a very nice FileLink store thank for the video, Liked and shared.👊👊👊

  23. Awesome as always. Is there a good APK for UFC?

  24. hey man great video im gonna check this out do you know of a good app that can stream yes network? ive tried it on usa tv radio apk and on the vsat app cant get no sound or the sound starts then cuts off after a few seconds but perfect picture ive even found some playlist and put them in tivi mate got perfect picture but no sound with yes network channel suggestions would be really appreciated i also have a couple more questions are your modders gonna do a modded version of that online tv apk? and my other question is i have ip vanish it works great but i was wondering what are the best settings to set everything on? i find myself changing my setttings alot sorry for the long post get back too me when you can id really appreciate buddy

  25. Thank you so much! You're awesome

  26. N. Swamy said:

    Another great video came fast… Thanks for the update..

  27. Great content,Great fillinked thanks for the review.

  28. Nathan said:

    Constant error message and channel not available

  29. Great thanks for the info one of the best apk's kodi u tubers on the channel

  30. Thanks for letting us know good information

  31. Is this good for NFL games? I’m looking for a good app that says the names of the teams so I know what to click on.


    Hello everyone, hit that thumbs up and subscibe! Have a great weekend!

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